Denver—Conservation Groups who were victorious in a nationwide lawsuit demanding the Bush Administration uphold the Endangered Species Act as it applies to wolves delivered a letter to Bruce McCloskey, Director of the Colorado Division of Wildlife in support for their efforts to develop a management plan for wolves in Colorado. A copy of the letter (PDF format) may be downloaded by clicking here.

The letter urges McCloskey to capitalize on the previous success of his agency. “The Colorado Wolf Working Group has surprisingly produced a useful guide for the management of wolves that happen to cross the border,” commented Tina Arapkiles, of the Sierra Club. “Now they have the opportunity to move beyond the hypothetical to develop a plan for reintroduction of this important endangered species.”

Kimberly Riggs, Executive Director of Sinapu, a carnivore conservation organization added, “Colorado has been a leader in the West. Thanks to the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the hard work of concerned citizens, we now have a growing population of Canada lynx in the state. We’d like to see the Division of Wildlife take a leadership role on wolf issues as well.”

The letter states, “Over the past 12 months, Colorado has shown the rest of the nation that the subject of wolf restoration need not be cloaked in bitter division. Citizens of Colorado have expressed surprise and optimism over the ability of the Working Group to cooperatively forge a management plan for wolves.”

“The point of the letter to Mr. McCloskey is simply to say: Coloradoans can solve issues by sitting around the table with reasonable people. We do not have to wait for resolution of environmental issues in the courts,” Ms. Arapkiles noted.

The Working Group will meet in early August to discuss the future, if any, of the Group.



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