Missoulian Opines on Wolf-Frightened Forest Service Employees

Talk about crying ‘wolf!’

When it comes to potential for wolf attacks, fear can override fact.

Two U.S. Forest Service employees were so frightened by howling wolves that the agency sent a chopper to evacuate them from Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness Area in late September.

Gifford Pinchot must be spinning in his grave. Some of you may be appalled about such cavalier squandering of your tax dollars. We’re mostly amused but also reminded that irrational fear of wolves persists for no good reason. And while fear of man-eating wolves could not derail restoration of wolf populations to the Northern Rockies – one of the more notable triumphs of endangered species recovery – the long-term prospects for people and wolves to coexist likely will require ongoing educational efforts to enable people to separate fact and fancy.

Read the entire editorial by clicking here.

Notably, the editorial concludes with a bit of outdated information. Last year, a man was apparently killed by wolves in northern Saskatchewan, though it appears that the wolves had been habituated to human food at a mining camp.

Update: Ralph Maughan reports on an new editorial by the Idaho Farm Bureau that (not surprisingly) arugues that the evacuation was justified. Click here to read Ralph’s take on it.


One response to “Missoulian Opines on Wolf-Frightened Forest Service Employees

  1. To me the problem, and absurd waste of our tax $, is on the shoulders of the woeful Forest Service Supervisor(s), who sent those poor blokes into the woods not having a clue as to what they might find – or hear. It is his or her name that should be made public. I feel sorry for the extractees as they must have been sacred to death considering how ill prepared they were.

    Come to think of it, what’s the names of the supervisor(s) who authorized the helicopter extraction. Wonder if it was the same Super? No matter he must be as dumb as dirt.

    Just confirms the biggest problem in the Forrest Service today is management that never gets into the forest.

    The good news is the chopper did get there… just in the nick of time – else them wolves would’ve ate those poor Forest Rangers – for sure!