No Thanksgiving Day Pardon for Lynx Poachers


For more information, contact:

Rob Edward, Sinapu, 303.918.8073
Colin A. Barry, Humane Society of the United States, 303.678.9002
Bob Thompson, Colorado Division of Wildlife, 303.291.7342

Conservation Groups Up Reward For Arrest To $7,500

Denver, CO − Redoubling the effort to bring about the arrest of those responsible for killing two reintroduced Canada lynx in south western Colorado, the Humane Society of the United States committed $2,500 to the existing reward fund. With that commitment, the total reward for information leading to the arrest of the poachers now stands at $7,500. Information can be given anonymously through the Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Operation Game Thief program.

Colin Barry, Colorado State Program Coordinator for the Humane Society of the United States said, “Someone has information about these deaths, and we urge them to come forward, not just for the sake of the two slain lynx, but for the protection of the entire species.” “Now that lynx have been reintroduced, Coloradans are offered a rare second chance by once again being entrusted with their protection. Sadly though, these recent deaths tell us that poachers want to take that opportunity away from us all.”

“While the President prepares to pardon a turkey for Thanksgiving this year, we hope this generous addition to the reward fund leads to the arrest of the turkeys who killed these lynx,” said Rob Edward, director of carnivore restoration for Sinapu. “Somebody has the goods on these killers, and they would get quite a holiday bonus for providing the information to break the case.”

Tips on the lynx killings can be made anonymously through the Operation Game Thief hotline at 1-877-265-6648.

For further information on the recent lynx killings, please visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife website.


3 responses to “No Thanksgiving Day Pardon for Lynx Poachers

  1. Alan~ I could not agree more, this has certainly not been a good week for wild creatures. I will never understand why some humans have such deep hatred for animals (to include people). I own property in the San Juan Mountains of Western Colorado and whatever lives there has more right than I. We have bear, elk, deer, lion, lynx, you name it….I simply occupy my share. We must be stewards of the earth and all of Her creatures, including us.

    Keri~ I agree with you…WHY? What would be the point… what satifaction would someone get to kill for the sake of killing. I have recently been reading regarding the delisting of the Grey wolf…many people can’t wait to “shoot, bury, and shut-up” in their regard. A sad state of affairs in the world today.

    Well, on a lighter note- have a good holiday!

  2. So sad ! And the big questions is…….WHY ?

  3. Not a good week for wild creatures. Today’s Washington Post articles include a lengthy piece about Japan’s annual slaughter on dolphins. Then there’s the recent Mexican gray wolf killing. And the lynx death. Not even individual critters are safe, much less their habitat.