The Cowboy State declares that it's 1874–again

Wolves - government Sponsored Terrorists?

In a move that can only be described as puzzling, the Wyoming legislature has advanced a bill that will ensure that wolves will remain listed as “endangered” under Federal law. Why? Well, those wacky fellers got a plan: If the Feds keep them listed, they’ll have to pay for their management. At-least that seems to be the only “logic” behind the bill now circulating through the Wyoming state legislature, which classifies wolves as “predators” (a legal status that allows them to be shot on sight) in all areas outside of the two national parks in northern Wyoming.

To read the latest on this bold move, click here to jump to a story in the rag for Jackson Hole, and click here to see what they’re saying about it over at Ralph Maughan’s blog.


3 responses to “The Cowboy State declares that it's 1874–again

  1. Good Point Marion. We should just transplant some of our wolves to Colorado.

  2. Think of the time and trouble it would have saved if you had just hauled the wolves to the folks who want to see them so they could could enjoy them to the fullest….and pay the cost for their entertainment themselves.

  3. If this bill does make it and wolves are delisted, will we ever see wolves in Colorado, short of reintroduction?

    Couple this rediculous bill with Idaho F&G issuing wolf hunting tags…..??

    [Editor’s reply: You make a good point, Rick. That is exactly why Sinapu has advocated for reintroduction as the only sure fire way to ensure that wolves are roaming Colorado and the rest of the Southwest.]