Hunting in our National Parks? Is Nothing Sacred?

Two black wolves in YellowstoneIn an article on today, columnist George Wuerthner opines about pending proposals to allow the public to tote rifles into Rocky Mountain National Park to help kill elk that are over-stripping the Park’s plant communities. Here’s the intro by journalist Todd Wilkinson, followed by a link to the article:

Taking aim at proposals to open two national parks to hunting, based on the premise that it can be an effective tool in reducing high elk numbers, columnist George Wuerthner says his “On The Range” column it would be a grave mistake and open a Pandora’s box of negative consequences. Wuerthner says he has nothing against hunting but that it might be time to restore some four-legged hunters who could do the job more compatibly with the natural goals of the National Park Service. Are Colorado and North Dakota ready for wolf reintroduction? – Todd Wilkinson

Click here to view the article by George Wuerthner.


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