Words & Deeds :: Bringing Balance Back to Rocky Mountain National Park

Elk in Ropcky Mountain National Park

Environmentalists say the National Park Service and Congressman Mark Udall are missing the mark on wolf recovery in Rocky Mountain National Park

Congressman Mark Udall has seen wolves in the wild.

“I felt fortunate to have the opportunity to see wolves in their natural habitat, and I reflected on how much wolves exemplify the wilderness experience,” he recounts in the foreword to Comeback Wolves, a 2005 collection of stories and poems that support wolf restoration in the West.

The words exemplify Udall’s appreciation for and alliance with conservation causes. But with his eye on a Senate run — and a need to build statewide political appeal — the five-term congressman from Eldorado Springs is sending mixed signals to environmentalists. In February, he introduced legislation that would allow licensed hunters to kill elk inside Rocky Mountain National Park, carrying out a park plan to thin the binging herd. The bill offers a twist, however, on the National Park Service’s proposal to hire government sharpshooters to cull the local elk population.

Click here to read the entire article by Josh Zaffos in The Rocky Mountain Chronicle.


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