New Colorado Wildlife Commissioners bring hope for conservation

Gov. Bill Ritter on Monday selected two new members to the Colorado Wildlife Commission and in doing so made a strong statement for a conservation-oriented wildlife management strategy.

The newest commissioners, both Democrats, are Tim Glenn, a Chaffee County commissioner, and Dennis Buechler, a retired wildlife biologist from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and formerly chairman of the board for the Colorado Wildlife Federation.

Glenn, who last November won his second term as county commissioner, is a strong roadless advocate and a backer of the proposed Brown’s Canyon Wilderness Area near Salida.

It was Buechler’s appointment, however, that raised the most excitement among conservationists and outdoors groups. Buechler’s term on the commission will mark the first time in recent memory, and possibly the first time ever, that a wildlife commissioner actually has a background as a wildlife professional.

Click here to see the entire story by Dave Buchanan in the Grand Junction Sentinel.


3 responses to “New Colorado Wildlife Commissioners bring hope for conservation

  1. Science finally holds sway in politics. Good news for Coloradans.

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  3. Wahoo. Every time I read about this it makes me get warm fuzzies. I am so happy that Colorado is moving in the right direction, Maybe Bill Ritter will rub off on Governors everywhere. It’s nice to see a campaign promise pay off. He is one of those rare guys who sets out to do great things, and does them. He advocates alternate fuels here at home. He recently opened up several thanol fueling stations, and gave incentives to use the ethanol too. Although I know ethanol is somewhat under fire right now, but atleast he is trying SOMETHING. He may not have all the answers, and I am sure he won’t please everyone, but he is standing by his commitment to try and find solutions. Go Bill!