Colorado–First to Require Mandatory Mountain Lion Hunter Education!

puma cubOn May 3rd, the Colorado Wildlife Commission unanimously approved mandatory mountain lion hunter education!

The Colorado Division of Wildlife’s online education course requires that hunters know how to distinguish between the sexes in order to save the breeding females and also to prevent the orphaning of kittens. It also emphasizes state regulations concerning lion hunting.

All lion hunters must take the course before they can purchase a lion-hunting license.

This decision point is the result of our five-year campaign. In 2002, Sinapu first petitioned the commission asking for substantive changes concerning how lions are managed.

We couldn’t have done this without the Colorado Outfitters Association. Strange bedfellows! But by working together we came to this excellent result. The hope is that other states will also adopt this online program for mountain lion conservation.

Take the course: Colorado Division of Wildlife mountain lion education.DOW Puma Edu Course

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