Feds Behead Pups with Shovels

Denning Photo
This coyote pup is being pulled out of it den with a “denning” hook.  Denning is a practice conducted by the USDA-APHIS-Wildlife Services. Photo courtesy of Wildlife Damage Review (taken by Dick Randall circa the 1970s).
Reaching a new low, the USDA-Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service-Wildlife Services (WS) revealed that their agents cut the heads off of coyote puppies with shovels in Oklahoma and Wyoming. WS’s web-based report actually declared that “hand tools” were used. The awful details were ferreted out by Brian Vincent, a conservationist employed by Big Wildlife.

The federal agents involved should receive the same legal scrutiny that Michael Vick, the Atlanta Falcons footballer, did. Vick was implicated in the killing eight dogs on his property.

Read the Associated Press story.

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6 responses to “Feds Behead Pups with Shovels

  1. Our tax dollars are paying for this savagery!?!

  2. [Editor’s Note: This comment was edited to eliminate threatening language. Please folks, keep it civil. This is a passionate enough topic . . .]

    People who do this to animals, coyote’s and their pups, aren’t human.
    They are dead-humans, but they just don’t know it yet.

    People should either people respect nature or get off of this planet.


  3. This is so disgusting, how can these people sleep at night. Where is their humanity? I guess they don’t have any left.

  4. Wendy Keefover-Ring

    The photo was taken by Dick Randall, an Animal Damage Control agent, circa the 1970s. Randall documented his work with alacrity, and then later, when he was disillusioned, gave copies of his photos to NGOs. He gave one set to Wildlife Damage Review, a Tucson-based group, which formed to watch dog Animal Damage Control in the early 1990s. The then executive director, Nancy Zierenberg, gave me the photos and permission to use them.

  5. I checked that Oklahoma Story and can find no mention of a photo, and have tried to track it down thru other sources. There is no method of artificially imposing death that is pleasant, in fact some natural causes are not always pleasant, but I cannot imagine the FWS releasing a photo like this even if it were authentic, which I doubt.

  6. I don’t know what kind of people could actually go to work every day and do this kind of thing. You must have to be a borderline psychopath. It would be more humane to shoot a coyote than to do this.

    It really bothers me that animal advocacy groups (DOW comes to mind) focus so much on endangered species when things like this are happening to coyotes throughout our country. It seems like people will accept unlimited coyote suffering just because they are in no danger of going extinct anywhere yet if the same things are done to wolves there is an uproar…