Condors vs. the NRA

Hunters’ lead bullets often shatter when they hit a bone of their prey and are left behind in “gut” piles.  Scavengers that dine on the piles can be harmed–particularly susceptible are condors and raptors.  Great bruha over the lead controversy on’s site today.  Join the fray and

Read a story on today’s 


6 responses to “Condors vs. the NRA

  1. You can do your own Google, Marion. Or the next time you are visiting the South rim of the Grand Canyon and watching a mating pair of California Condor soaring over the canyon you can look down at the info boards that are spread around and read about it.

  2. Where does he say that wyoming filed a lawsuit? I think you have a paranoid complex about people attacking wyoming…

  3. why not give a link to information about the lawsuit? I can pretty much be sure that Wyoming did not file it.

  4. But Jeff, I thought only “enviros” filed lawsuits?!

  5. I would like to see an article here about how the livestock industry filed a lawsuit to stop the reintroduction of the California Condor.
    (Yes it really happened.)