Prosecute the Lion Killer

Boulder, CO. Sinapu has called upon the Colorado Division of Wildlife and the Colorado Department of Agriculture to charge Jeremy Kocar with the killing of a mountain lion and with cruelty to animals after he baited the lion with his two dogs, which were chained outdoors–in mountain lion habitat—without the protection of a covered kennel.

Kocar told the Boulder Daily Camera, “‘I’m from Wisconsin – and we take care of things there.'”

“Kocar’s Wisconsin-style vigilante justice won’t fly here,” warned Wendy Keefover-Ring, Director of Sinapu’s Carnivore Protection Program.

“Colorado’s laws do not allow for people to bait wildlife, to shoot out of season, to shoot without a license, and to kill for purposes of protecting pets. The State’s animal cruelty statute is also clear about housing animals in a manner that does not lead to “serious physical harm,” said Keefover-Ring.

“We hope the State makes an example of Kocar and hits him with the full force of the law,” Keefover-Ring added.

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Editor’s Note: Comments on this post, and on this subject have been disabled. Although there were several thoughtful posts on both sides of the debate, several people, posting under false names and email addresses, chose to make personal, vitriolic attacks against Sinapu and our staff. The bottom line is that we are a public advocacy organization with a keen interest in raising public awareness about stewardship of wildlife. The needless death of this mountain lion raises serious questions about our responsibility to be thoughtful stewards of wild and domestic creatures. If you disagree, that’s your right, but that doesn’t make you right. Moreover, if you cannot express your differences in a civil and respectful manner, then take it elsewhere.

~ Rob Edward



19 responses to “Prosecute the Lion Killer

  1. You folks are on the wrong side of this one. Ranchers can shoot wildlife out of season the protect livestock. It is not considered ‘baiting’ because they left the cow out in the field all night long. That is a real stretch to call leaving your pet outside baiting. An animal that is preying on pets needs to be removed. Too bad it could have been trapped and relocated, but when the animal is standing there with a dogs neck in its mouth there is little else that could be done.

  2. I don’t know where some of you folks live, but I see dogs outdoors all of the time. (Where do your dogs go to the bathroom, in the house?) If he didn’t have a perimeter fence yet, chaining them would be reasonable. It isn’t yet so cold that dog houses are necessary. A dog house would not have done much except help the lion corner the dog and get ahold of it.
    Interestingly enough I have yet to see a single one of these folks crying about us taking the predator’s home giving up their own.
    I hope this case wakens folks who haven’t been paying much attention to just what these people are about.

  3. I can’t stand ignorant HIPPIES! He did not bait the lion with his dogs. Are you complete idiots? Who would do that? Cruelty to animals? Would you prefer that he let the lion kill his dogs, his wife and himself? No price is to great to save one lion, I suppose. Why can’t it be the people that run organzations like this be on the recieving end of a hungry mountain lion or grizzly bear, in their backyard? I guarantee they would slip quietly into oblivion the first time a mountain lion takes a liking to patchouli.

  4. “Experts” weren’t able to trap the “offending” lion, and many think the one he killed may have been responsible for the deaths of the other people’s livestock. The guy left his two dogs outside (he’s living in a trailer for goodness’ sake, working for the wildlife department?, maybe it’s kinda cramped?). The lion nearly lunged at his wife, nearly lunged at him. And people think he “baited” the lion. And they think he deserves to be fined. Sure, in a world of lunacy. He’s a bad man. A very bad man. Perhaps he’s learned something and he’ll be a little wiser and keep the pets indoors in future. His vet bill for the 50 stitches in his nearly dead dog probably brought home the reality that “baiting” can be an expensive proposition. Certainly the press used the most inflammatory quote they could get out of the guy. But 22 neighbors stopped by to thank him. Still, a bunch of city dwellers stand in judgment over the guy. Like, ya, if I were him I would have let them eat my dog, or I would have built an impenetrable vault for my dogs, blah, blah, blah. Unfortunately bears eat people’s garbage and return again and again until the become a nuisance. Unfortunately, the much more dangerous mountain lion does essentially the same thing, except with live animals. Unfortunately people have encroached on the wild animal’s terrain. Unfortunately that’s the price of population growth and living where we want to live. And people are getting torqued over a single mountain lion that was in all likelihood a nuisance. Only in Boulder do people waste their breath debating this stuff, and related legal minutia. Why don’t they set up a monument to this precious predator and worship it? Or . . . or better yet: just go hug a tree.

  5. What happened to people being responsible? Why leave animals outdoors unattended in areas where wildlife are known to exist? Why do people let cats outdoors in areas where coyotes live? Why do people leave trash and food unsecured in grizzly country? Because they are stupid and they want sympathy and in this case blood for the consequences of their misguided actions.

    Note to all of you wildlife fear mongers: With over 5 MILLION dog bites (dozens fatal) per year in this country ( as opposed to a small handful of mountain lion attacks) this guy leaving dogs unattended outdoors posed a much bigger danger to the children (THINK OF THE CHILDREN) than any mountain lion could. Don’t you people use any common sense? Why the hell do I keep hearing the argument that people who advocate to protect sometimes dangerous wildlife are also defacto supporters of attacks on children? You are all living in the dark ages and it really scares me. Cars kill thousands of people per year in this country. . . OUR CHILDREN ARE NEXT… HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!

  6. As the article says this is a gray area. The law permits the protection of livestock and human life. Is a pet livestock? It doesn’t matter what the definition is in the dictionary, what is livestock defined as in court precedent in Colorado? I believe that there should probably be some sort of fine for the negligence of his dogs. If you have to drive several miles to get cellular reception (what about a land line?) you should be more careful with your animals. Besides, if he’s such a mountain man and in Wisconsin “we take care of things there” why couldn’t he have just built a kennel? I’m from suburbia Oregon and I could build a kennel in a few hours with a hand saw, tape measure, 1 1/2 inch nails, a hammer, and some two-by-fours (maybe even a little paint).

  7. Ya, he baited the mountain lion while he was asleep at 1:30 in the morning. Go hug a tree.

  8. From the article:

    “Wildlife officers in September tried to capture and euthanize a mountain lion after it killed a miniature horse, but traps weren’t successful in snagging the cat.”

    Why is it that wildlife officers can euthanize the animal for killing someone’s pet hors, but this guy is facing possible charges for taking it’s life for trying to kill his pet and possibly himself. Makes no sense.

    I respect wildlife greatly, BUT, I would have done the same thing!

  9. I think that they have a pretty solid case against this individual. His statement regarding taking care of things in his state makes me believe that there is a shred of a chance that he did intend to bait the lion. Furthermore, his statement seems to have this tone of ignorance and machismo to it. He reminds me of the two young men who went and killed an ostrich after it attacked and embarrassed them following their having wandered into the field where it was being held on an ostrich farm.

    People need to show more respect for the animals, which inhabit the areas around where they live. If you have moved into an area where predators live mind your animals and the likes and take steps of prevention. If you don’t want them eaten take care that you lock up your pets so they don’t come to be harmed. Ounce of prevention people not pound of cure. Kocar seems to have opted for option two, and now look where he has ended up (perhaps for good reason). Humans are animals too and as soon as quite a number of people get that through their heads I think things may improve somewhat. Just because we have mental faculties that are more developed than other animals doesn’t mean we are not too an animal, and furthermore it does not preclude us from dependence upon other species with which we inhabit the biosphere.

    Yes, certain species are going extinct because of humans, but not all of them. However, I reiterate that people should take care to prevent unnecessary destruction of habitat and killing of animals as a product of their own ignorance or greed. One should certainly not kill and destroy for convenience. This seems to be what Kocar may have done, and I think that if he is convicted he should face a stiff penalty, and be made an example of.

  10. I can’t believe you folks, this lion was in a yard, by a house attacking a pet. Waht if one of the kids had been the first to hear it, and gone out? A kid’s first reaction would be to save their pet, would you have the guts to insist he be charged even so?
    How long till he hunted during the day when kids were outside? Still feel the lion was the one needing protection?
    Can someone please explain what protection from a lion they think a doghouse would have provided??????

  11. Whether you love your pets or not, wild animals have every right to exist in their ever-shrinking habitat. If you are stupid enough to leave a non-human family member in harms way, then maybe you need to learn the hard way. I am a pet owner, but I’m not so ignorant to believe that a wild animal has less rights than those I know intimately. It makes me sick to hear about how people love their pets like part of the family, but they have no empathy towards animals that aren’t cute, domestic, or fur bearing. Maybe (clearly) the guy is just an idiot who didn’t think hard enough about where to chain his dogs, and shouldn’t be condemned for it. He should however be condemned for shooting the mountain lion. If he’d put his dogs where they wouldn’t be attacked, the mountain lion would have carried on, and this would be a non-issue. Maybe we Canadians are less threatened by the existence of wildlife, being that we actually have some left. Keep up the good work, pave and destroy- see where it gets you.
    I hope that every ignorant, intolerant hick who shoots first, then calls the animal control authorities gets what is coming to them- stiff fines and maybe a gory demise at the hands of a “violent predator”.
    I can’t believe the attitudes you people sport openly. If you truly love your little dog, then you must be able to recognize the value and beauty of any animal, wild or otherwise. You make it seem like any predator is steadily and stealthily making a beeline for your children. This suburbanite fear of nature is what fuels our apathy towards its destruction. I can only hope that your children grow up with different values (hatred is not a value people) that you hold. Indeed it is humanity’s only chance. You make me sick.

  12. Wether he baited the mountain lion or was just stupid, he should still be charged. Why is it that human’s think they can encroach on an animal’s habitat, then kill the animal when it does what nature intended it to do? Move to the city if you are not willing to accept the consequences that nature brings.

  13. This is a joke right? He should be given a reward from his neighbors for removing a violent predator.

    Of course, if had to do the same, I would have just buried it and shut my mouth. Evidently common sense people need to protect themselves from the misguided and ignorant.

  14. Wendy ! You’re just plain nuts

  15. Michelle Kelley

    That is what is so ridiculous about this is that you can’t even see past the fact that he was protecting what most dog owners consider a family member. Being from the mid-west, it is typical for dogs to be tied up at night outside, though as difficult as that may be to believe. He is not a native nor has he lived here long enough to know that mountain lions are actually a threat not only in Boulder but other Denver metro cities. Any pet owner would gladly kill a predatory animal if it meant saving the pet’s life, even those of us that are huge animal rights activists.

    You can’t see the forrest from the trees and that is truly sad for you. Go ahead and fine him, there are plenty of rational people who will willingly donate money so that there is not a financial impact on this man.

  16. He cared for his dogs so much that he chained them outside in mountain lion country. Our wildlife should not have to pay for his stupidity. We’re from Colorado and we should take care of this disreguard for animals, both domestic and wild.

  17. Are you sure this guy was “baiting” the mountain lion? Maybe he was stupid for chaining his dogs up outside without shelter, but without proof that he was using his dogs to attract mountain lions so he could kill them for sport, you are slanting the facts to suit you cause, and you lose credibility. I’m not saying he shouldn’t pay a fine for illegally taking wildlife. But not animal cruelty and baiting and everything else you want to charge him with. I would gladly pay a fine for illegally taking wildlife in exchange for saving my pet’s life.

  18. Wendy Keefover-Ring, I think you are ridiculous for pushing to charge a man for protecting his pets. He was defending something he cared for. It’s not like he went hunting to kill a mountain lion. The animals you are fighting to protect are also the same animals that attack humans. Their aggressive behavior has made the news several times this year for being in public places, even school grounds. So where do you draw the line…after you kids are attacked? Your efforts are a waste of time and money. I’m sure you would think different if your animals were attacked.