DOW will not file charges in mountain lion incident

Here’s a brief update from the Colorado Division of Wildlife on the mountain lion that was killed earlier this week in Nederland:

The Division of Wildlife (DOW) has found that the individual involved in the shooting of a mountain lion near Gross Reservoir on the morning of October 5 acted to prevent injury to human life. The DOW will not be filing any charges against him.

At 1:30 AM, Friday, October 5, a family staying near Gross Reservoir in Boulder County was awakened by noise outside their trailer. Stepping outside to investigate, they found their dog, which had been chained outside, in the mouth of a mountain lion. The man and his wife shouted at the lion in the hopes of getting it to release their dog to no avail. The man ran back to the trailer to get his rifle and upon stepping outside, shouted again at the lion.

Vanessa Miller, reporter for the Boulder Daily Camera, interviewed Kocar in a story that was published on October 8th.  In that version of events, Kocar shot the lion when it “looked up from the puppy in its clutches” and when he “confronted” the lion “‘He was thrashing the dog in its mouth.'”  In that story, Kocar bragged, “‘I’m from Wisconsin — and we take care of things there.'”

In subsequent stories, Kocar’s mother-in-law became his spokesperson and the story changed.  In later versions of the story, the lion took menacing steps towards Kocar before he shot it.

“Having completed our investigation, we’ve concluded this person acted in accordance with the law in protecting his personal safety,” said Kathi Green, Acting Northeast Regional Manager. “As always, we will continue to advocate that people take precautions when living or visiting lion country to prevent conflicts such as this incident.”


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