Here Kitty, Kitty

Two editorials — from either side of the state — with regards to the Nederland mountain lion incident.

Boulder Daily Camera 

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel


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  1. Marion,
    I get that idea because you have not stated otherwise

  2. Someone is a hypocrite for telling someone to not repeatedly run over a living thing?

  3. Jeffe, I cannot imagine where you got the idea that I approved of the way the wolf was killed. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of those that are so free with criticism and advice telling others how to live, and the difference in how they actually behave themselves when faced with the same problems.

  4. Another disturbing aspect of the wolf case is that the owner of the 2.5 million acre ranch claims to be an advocate of wildlife friendly ranching, yet in his own press release (an attempt to try and justify his actions) he claims that 2 wolves had to be killed on his ranch this year. Nowhere does he mention that the injured female was never any threat to any livestock, as stated in the article by the offending ranch hand. Nor does he mention that his ranch was fined for the incident. So obviously the wolf was killed illegally.

    I don’t know if it is propper to mention the name of the ranch in question and the guest lodge owned by the same man. But in case anyone wants to email him to voice their disgust with his actions. He is Roger Lang and can be emailed at Papoose Creek Lodge is owned by Sun Ranch. I have done so and encourage others to do so as well.


  5. So let me get this straight Marion, you approve of taking a vehicle, in this case an ATV, running down to exhaustion and repeatedly running over another living creature, in this case a wolf, and you see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Does that about sum you up?

  6. Marion, bullets kill children every day in this country. You are advocating for the discharge of firearms to kill wildlife, thus there will be more potentially stray bullets and more people potentially shot. Maybe the remedy to prevent one or two wildlife attacks per year is worse than the actual problem?????

  7. As a matter of fact Cathy, I am not in favor of putting children in harm’s way by any means from drunk drivers to predators in their yards, and every thing in between.
    I am sure you are aware that kids have been killed by lions in northern Colorado the last few years. there was every indication that this lion had been seeking prey in folks yards for some time.
    I believe everything you said about the rancher is accurate and I believe he is being charged too. As I said it is much easier to tell others what to do, than to be faced with the situation yourself and have to deal with it.

  8. It wasn’t the rancher himself that tortured and killed the wolf. It was a ranch hand. The rancher himself has tried to convince people that he believes that wildlife and livestock can coexist in order to impress environmentalist and that is good for business. (he also owns a lodge that is open to the public.) Which in my view proves him a hypocrite. I think he should be charged right along with his employee. I’m sure his employee was acting per instruction. After all a second employ showed up at the scene with a gun to finish the wolf. Sounds like company policy to me.


  9. There you go again with your propaganda… OUR CHILDREN WILL BE NEXT!!! Marion, how about some hot head animal killer firing his gun off and accidentally hitting… gasp… A CHILD!!!! Why do you support children being put in harms way by stray bullets? You anti-enviros are all the same… You see, propaganda works both ways.

  10. I agree 100% with the guy killing the lion. whether you guys like it or not or even care or not, it could just as easily been a kid the lion had in it’s clutches. Of course enviros explain that away by reminding one how many kids are killed by disease or auto accidents, etc.
    I was referring to the rancher who was held up as standard by wolfers, and it turned out when he found out that wolves are not discriminating….they kill… and his dollars were involved, he was not nearly so tolerant. Again, I was making the point that walking the walk is much much different than just talking about it, whether money is involved or not.

  11. Marion, before you go off on evil rich outsiders getting into ranching, lets look at the homegrown super rich ranchers, like the simplots. They ranch on 2.5 million acres, 10% of which are privately owned. Pretty sad that they became wealthy on the backs of the taxpayers. Also pretty sad that they can kill wildlife and that their cows can compete with elk for food on over 2 million acres of public lands. Lets stop blaming outsiders for all of our problems. I think you have a complex…

  12. Jeff, Marion approves of all killing as long as it nets someone a profit.

  13. Marion,
    so I take it that you wholeheartedly approve of what this lowlife pond scum did.

  14. This rancher is one of the rich who came out to be a rancher and have been very verbal at telling the local ranchers how they could live with the wolves etc. That is until the Sun Ranch itself started getting hit by wolves too, then it suddenly wasn’t so easy.
    It is always much easier to talk the talk than to walk the walk….and we have lots of talkers who can’t walk.

  15. This is sad. I am troubled at the loss of lion due to human ignorance. At least is was ignorance and not intention. I am more troubled by the case which occured in the Madison Valley Montana. On July 23, 2007, a ranch hand on the Sun Ranch ran down and repetedly ran over an injured female alpha wolf who was not threatening livestock in any way. He pinned her down with his vehicle and held her there until someone showed up with a gun to kill her. She was in so much pain that she bit through the vehicle’s tire. This was an intentional brutal act of cruelty in the worst degree to which the perpetrator has admitted in a article in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle. The female had pups. I have contacted FDFWS and spoken to Ed Bangs to learn the disposition of this case. I was told he could not provide that information. Is there some pressure that Sinapu or other such orgs. can place on the Federal or State prosecutors to see that this (I can’t think of a word bad enough to call him) person, gets prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law for his deliberate heinous actions? Or to at least get an update? Anyone please comment.