South Dakota Game & Fish: To Gun or not from the Air

South Dakota Game and Fish claims they can target coyotes and other predators that engage in livestock depredations.  Sinapu and a whole host of groups petitioned the agency to stop the program after their 4th aerial gunning accident.

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Read the petition.


4 responses to “South Dakota Game & Fish: To Gun or not from the Air

  1. The total irresonsibility of saying one thing and doing another.

    I have seen a lot of dogs that are on chains outside over the years. Personally I wouldn’t want to chain up a dog, but let’s face the only protection from a lion intent on predation would be inside a closed up building. What protection would a dog house be?

  2. How does does clinton giving her cat away even relate to this argument?

    You have no patience except if that irresponsible pet owner leaves his dog tied up outside unsupervised in mountain lion country… Then the dog and owner are innocents…

  3. Dogs can, should be, and are shot if caught in livestock not their owners property. A rancher or home owner, has absolute authority to do this.
    I have no patience at all with irresponsible pet owners of any kind, even from the highest tiers of society.

  4. Some interesting info in the petition. Why is everyone so quiet about domestic dogs killing 22,000 head of cattle per year yet so up in arms about wolves killing a few hundred head of cattle per year (if that)? Marion, any thoughts? Is a dog-killed cow less valuable than a wolf killed cow? Why are their movements to risk lives gun down coyotes but no movements to limit and control dog ownership? The battle to save wildlife will never be won with the majority of people being so irrational…